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Just How Much Does Your Underground Dog Fence Cost?

fence-dog-collarThe price of your invisible underground dog fence columbus ohio will change dependant on some variables. To provide a ball park estimate on pricing for the professionally installed system, an average subdivision lawn that's 1 acre or less, with 1 dog, will definitely cost approximately $1200.  Additional dogs, acreage and challenging terrain could enhance the cost.  Call us to go over detailed pricing.
Does it cost more to possess a lot more than 1 dog on the underground electronic fence system?
Each pet will need to have its collar/receiver, therefore the more pets you have on the underground electronic system the more you will be charged.  
What size of a location can I permit the dogs to possess?  
We've installed systems as large a 10 acres and may do larger areas if desired. Our standard pricing is founded on an area that's 1 acre or less.  For areas bigger than 1 acre there's yet another charge.
Does the kind of terrain where my invisible underground dog fence will undoubtedly be installed affect the purchase price?     
Our standard pricing is founded on installing the machine in terrain that might be considered mown lawn.  Forested areas with thick undergrowth, large rocky areas,  water crossings, overgrown fields, or steeply sloped areas could add additional costs to the purchase price.
So how exactly does the invisible underground dog fence work?
Without entering an excessive amount of engineer speak, the machine basically works such as this.  A transmitter, concerning the size of some type of computer board, is mounted in a weather protected area (typically a garage, basement, covered porch or storage building) where there's quick access to a typical electric wall outlet.  The transmitter produces a radio signal that's carried round the perimeter of the boundary area by way of a buried cable.  This perimeter cable must create a complete loop for the machine to work.  The air signal emits from the cable or more from the bottom.  It can't be seen, heard, felt, smelt or in virtually any other way noticed except by the battery operated receiver that's mounted on a collar that your pet is wearing.  The width and height of the signal field (fence) is adjustable.  The battery powered receiver/collar that your pet wears is programmed to respond and then the initial radio frequency being made by the transmitter.  Once the receiver/collar detects the initial radio frequency it knows your pet is approaching the designated boundary area and responds in whatever manner it's been programmed to respond.  Our receivers are customizable so we are able to adjust the response by size and personality of every individual pet.  But in most cases, the receiver/collar is programmed to respond having an audible warning alert and a correction if your pet does not cool off from the boundary area.  With the proper equipment, appropriate correction levels, and proper training, these systems are amazing at containing your dog and keeping them safe in your yard.
Will be the underground electronic dog fences safe for my pet?
Absolutely.  This is why veterinarian groups and humane societies endorse the products.  Of course, like the majority of products, you can find differences in capabilities and features that produce some systems far better, safe and pet friendly than others.  Undoubtedly you will discover our services and products near the top of the list.  We have been not really a business, but we have been PET LOVERS aswell.
Will installation disturb my yard?
Lots of people assume that people will be utilizing a ditching machine, like a Ditch Witch, which digs a more deeply and wider trench and may significantly disturb the lawn. We actually work with a burying machine that's specifically manufactured to bury underground cable for pet containment systems.  The device cuts a slit in the bottom that's approximately 1/4" wide and 4" deep.  This slit is more visible in grass barren areas, but will complete quickly after just a couple of rains.  The slit is less visible in grassy areas and isn't noticeable at all after just a couple of mowings of the yard generally.  However; that is still somewhat of a construction project and we cannot guarantee against killing some grass, freshly laid sod or any plants that could sustain some harm to branches or roots.  Additionally, if your yard is irrigated you need to have the ability to locate and identify the sprinkler heads in order that we can prevent them while installing the cable.  We have been not in charge of hitting irrigation heads or other things in the yard that's unmarked.  We shall have the underground utilities such as for example gas, electric, water, phone and cable marked by TN One Call (a free of charge service).
Just how long does it take for your dog to learn in which to stay the yard?
The time may differ from dog to dog, but in most cases, from the original training session before first time it is possible to allow dog out in the yard without having to be on a leash is approximately 5-7 days.  We shall supply the initial training your day that people install the machine.  While we have been working with your pet we are demonstrating for you what you would should do on the next 5-7 days to insure your dog fully understands his boundaries.  This is a simple procedure that, once demonstrated, doesn't require any special expertise apart from love and commitment to your dog.
Do you provide a wireless dog fence?
No, not at the moment.  As a complete service dealer we have confidence in providing systems that people have full confidence in.  While wireless systems could be less costly and better to install, they will have many limitations and so are not nearly as capable or effective because the buried cable systems.  There might be some instances in which a wireless system is enough, but before technology develops further for the use of pet containment we've chosen to stick to enough time tested and proven system of buried cable. Call the store and we are able to discuss the facts of the differences between buried cable and wireless systems.