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How to order a storage pod for moving?


Plan Beforehand
Storage pod is on-demand service. You need to aim at least a week beforehand to your POD order and program the pickup no less than a week outside. This is particularly true during the hectic Spring/Summer proceeding season. Should you really feel as if you've got sufficient space, then cancel the next POD.
Do not underestimate the distance you'll need.
Even though you can essentially pile all your boxes into the peak of the POD, you'll have some items such as delicate furniture or even a snowblower or patio furniture which you can not pile which can leave the space over vacant. The area estimator POD provides is useful but for us, we've got a little 3 bedroom home with a huge cellar, loft, quite big garage and a massive backyard that means lot of outside furniture and children toys. We were originally told you 16ft POD could do it once I believed a number of the outside space to the square footage calculator we had a 16ft along with a 12ft POD.
Do not forget that your supplies.
POD sells supplies but that I purchased my lock through boxes and them in home depot. Rather than going all cardboard we purchased those demanding plastic bags so we can pile them into the peak of the POD. Cardboard will smash under stress and put in from the humidity and there is a chance a few of those boxes will burst. It's also wise to think about wrap your furniture mattresses, sofas and some additional bedding. You'll also require something or rope to secure your things because you fill in the POD. The walls of this POD possess eye-hooks so that you are able to tie up stuff or construct a rope barrier.
The ordering process was quite smooth. The form looks somewhat clunky but generally It is fairly straightforward. You can also sign your POD rental arrangement online Which you have to do before the device is delivered. They Are Extremely clear about Do a simple Online search for Do not Be scared to call customer services. When I discovered the pickup Date was following the final date of my home (when we had to be outside) I predicted Customer support along with the talked to the neighborhood POD facility that stated they'd do Everything they can do adapt me.