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Eco-friendly Cleaning Methods

Sick and tired of spending a lot of time scrubbing your pans and pots? Well, rather than using harsh cleaning chemicals to obtain the work done, consider hiring maid service new london connecticut or using some eco-friendly alternatives that work equally well and won’t leave you sucking in harsh fumes or fuming away at just how much time you may spend cleaning! Natural and organic ingredients, such as for example ketchup, for instance, will help you complete the job right and save the earth while you’re at it. Now that’s green cleaning!
Harness the energy of H2O
Getting back in the habit of simply soaking pans and pots in just a little warm water before you clean them often does wonders for easily removing grease and stuck-on food. Plus, it saves your time scrubbing! Finish with just a little elbow grease using green dish detergent and an green scrubbing tool.
Battle Stuck-On Foods with Baking Soda
Shake in just a little baking soda or this DIY aromatherapy cleanser to underneath of pans and pots and scour away. If the stuck on food isn’t budging, add some vinegar. Allow it sit for some time and then reach work scrubbing with just a little green dish soap! Note: Don’t use straight baking soda with nonstick cookware because it may scratch the top. Instead, use a remedy of equal parts water and baking soda for a few minutes.
Remove Burnt-On Foods with Lime and Salt
Ever burn something in a pan so badly that it seemed destined for the trash bin, or rather, the recycling bin? Well, before quitting onto it, try soaking it with an assortment of fresh lime juice and salt for a few minutes. Then scrub away with an increase of salt. You’ll be amazed at how easily the burnt-on food lifts away.
Clean STAINLESS Effortlessly
Then add water with some green dish soap to your pan and take it to a boil. Then allow it cool just a little and clean the pan. You’ll observe that it will decrease dramatically on cleaning time and leave your stainless pans and pots sparkly and shiny!
Keep Copper Cookware Shining
Slather some ketchup (which is effective since it contains vinegar) or a combination of water, salt, and lemon juice. over copper pans and pots and rinse well. Buff dry and observe that beautiful, brilliant shine.
Properly Remove Stains from Porcelain
Soak your cookware in an assortment of hot water and something of the next: oxygen bleach, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, or vinegar.  
Use Water for Woks
To completely clean your wok but still keep it seasoned, miss the soap and use warm water and an eco-friendly scrub brush just like a Japanese Tawashi, that is a natural brush manufactured from coir, to scrape away food bits. Dry and follow with a light oil wiping.